Protein NMR Structure Service

Protein NMR Structure Service

We do protein NMR structure determination. We can advise and help at any stage of your NMR structure determination project, and help you get your results fast and at high quality. 

You may contact us for more information, request an offer or some free advice. All submitted data or information will be treated confidentially.

What others say

"We hired Chris for the structure determination of a small protein using NMR spectroscopy. Chris supervised the project from NMR data collection to structure calculation. Chris helped make decisions about data collection strategy, use of software, and established additional collaborations for us that made the project successful. A great person to contact if you require this kind of service."
Dr. Frans Mulder
Aarhus University, Denmark

"We consulted Chris on very short notice after we got stuck with the analysis of our NMR data for the structure solution of one of our target proteins. Chris offered help immediately by recommending the most appropriate software for automated NOE assignments and structure calculations, analyzing the newly generated output and even performing the structure refinement for us. Like this we were able to solve our problems within one week and just in time for our deadline. We especially appreciate the very fast and easy communication and his immediate readiness for action that made this project finally a success after long and agonizing months when we tried to cope with the issues ourselves. Working with Chris was a great experience that we highly recommend!"
Dr. Max J. Cryle, Kristina Haslinger
Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg, Germany